Black Genius: Future of Tech


Technological developments are happening at a rapid pace. And as they are incorporated into our everyday lives’ we willingly embrace how they change our workflow, but we don’t understand the unintended consequences of how they affect our social or economic behavior. As digital content and infrastructure developers expand their mission in this digital frontier, we have a responsibility to be informed users as we interact with new and emerging technology.  

This panel seeks to unpack:

  • Social currency: existing and emerging social media platforms and how it affects our interpersonal communications, and real-world experience

  • Tech bias: how diversity can correct AI programming in areas such as feature recognition or application tracking software

  • The Internet of Things: how big data plays a major role in our consumer buying habits and shapes our everyday experiences

Marie High Res Headshot.JPG

Marie Smith- Data 360

Maceo Paisley.JPG

Maceo Paisley- Citizens of culture

Zaneta Smith.jpg

Zaneta Smith- Kolor Society (Moderator)