TEC stands for Technology Entertainment Convergence.  TEC Leimert seeks to connect individuals in the South Los Angeles community to art and tech thought leaders, to expose them to innovations in entertainment and technology.


TEC Leimert will achieve its goal of eliminating the digital divide by hosting programming aimed at various demographics.

  • First, TEC Leimert hosts its annual TEC Conference in Leimert park in the spring. This multi-paneled event will expose individuals to topics related to film, digital branding, AR/VR, Gaming, and more.

  • Second, TEC Leimert will host youth programming designed to expose children to STEM topics, in order to prepare them for today’s educational system and tomorrows work force.  

  • Third, TEC Leimert will host experiences and salons which are smaller events that continue the mission of exposing individuals to advancements in the tech and entertainment field.


Historically, Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and slowly becoming a major player in the the technology ecosystem.  Leimert Park, as a cultural hub, has a unique stake in that story.  Like Central Avenue and Watts Towers before it, Leimert Park Village serves as an iconic world stage where diverse local talent can showcase their prowess.  However, surrounded by dis-invested neighborhoods of South L.A. , Leimert Park Village could be an island in a blue ocean.  That is where TEC Leimert comes in.

TEC LEIMERT is a collaboration of urban professionals and students, local businesses and residents, leveraging the convergence of technology and entertainment to elevate LA.  Our goal is to ensure that individuals in the South LA community have the tools they need to succeed socially and professionally.

TEC acknowledges that technology is shifting paradigms and erasing boundaries, creating a new and dynamic digital ecosystem.  One that is providing audiences with the convenience of augmenting and sharing content virtually anywhere and anytime.  In the process, these changes are accelerating our capacity to aggregate resources, communicate ideas, and affect positive change- how we learn, how we do business, and how we navigate career paths.  TEC wants to ensure that our community are not only consumers but recognized influencers.

So, in this historical moment, when those who tell the best stories are defining leadership, we are set to elevate LA, by propelling local neighborhoods into an exciting, new future.

That's why the TEC community encourages everyone to #TECYOSELF.