The Business of Music: Defining Pop Culture

In the year 2019, we continue to see a major shift in the way we consume music compared to just 10 years ago. Rapid advancements in technology make for an ever-changing musical landscape, but what remains constant is that music is found in all mediums of entertainment, which creates opportunities to monetize music.

The convergence of technology and entertainment has reinvented the music business resulting in new avenues for aspiring artists and urban professionals looking to “GetOn” in today’s music industry.

This panel discussion focuses on the emergence of Artist-First agency models that are building artists influence across social media platforms and creating a new Urban Digital Culture. Learn how Digital Music Marketing has disrupted the way record labels are promoting new artists and music by cultivating a community of organic content creators. Also, discover how independent artists are getting their music published to Digital Stores like Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and much more.  

Chris Ayears.JPG

Chris Ayears- Director of Streaming, Universal Music Group

Chris Loos.jpg

Chris Loos- Beats1 Radio, Apple Music

Summer Watson revised.jpeg

Summer Watson-Co-Founder, AWGE


Trakmatik- Producer, RocNation