E- Sports: Get Paid or Played


There are now professional video game players. Individuals can earn six figure salaries to compete in games like Riot Game’s League of Legends full time. Blizzard Entertainment has recently opened its first E-Sports arena here in Los Angeles. E-Sports is on the rise and getting bigger by the moment.  The Twitch streaming channel where viewers go to watch others play video games 24/7 was acquired by tech giant Amazon for close to $1B dollars in 2014 .  Superstar player Ninja who is a master at Fortnight arguably the most popular game on the planet currently makes $500K PER MONTH playing the game on Twitch.  Major universities are now offering full scholarships to come to their schools to play E-Sports.This is only the beginning.  If you are not a millennial or Generation Z’er, you probably have never even heard of E Sports.

This panel is designed to give you an overview of where where are, an idea of what the future may hold for this nascent industry, and more importantly how you can get involved.

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Christian Bishop

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Eric Elder


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