Hacking CannaBiz


Think and Grow Labs seeks to drive innovation in urban agriculture and the cannabis industry by bringing together government agencies, industry leaders, practitioners and intellectuals through forums, lectures, think tanks and our virtual online community to foster industry leadership and to provide the requisite technical expertise and resources required to help industry entrepreneurs thrive.

Think & Grow Labs Co Founder Sherri Franklin will facilitate a creative conversation around the liabilities, opportunities and possibilities of the developing Cannabis Industry in communities of color. How do we balance community benefits with historical community trauma. Join activists, entrepreneurs, organizers and investors as we imagine a world where a locally based, well managed Cannabis Enterprise roll out in our neighborhoods, coupled with vacating the records of ex low level drug offenders may be a be a stabilizing force for wealth building.

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Jamal Weathers, Co-Founder Kush Boys

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Dr. Stuart Silverman Rheumatologist, Clinical Professor, Medical Director